Yahoo to Shut Down Bookmarking Tool Delicious [UPDATE] To be Sold

Well this sucks. According to the guys at Techcrunch, Yahoo is shutting down my social bookmarking tool Delicious. I wrote a blog post about how much I liked Delicious a while back – and I still love the idea of having my bookmarks online and better organized. Now, I am looking into alternatives.

So far I have heard Diigo, Mister Wong (which may win solely for the name) and Evernote could be suitable replacements. I am looking into it now and will let you know.

[UPDATE] See my new blog post for how to export your bookmarks from Delicious and alternatives for it. Also, a petition has been started to make Delicious open source. To sign, go here:

[UPDATE] Apparently they are not shutting down, but it will be sold.

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