What the Heck is Quora? FAIL

Pictured: Why my Quora post may not have gotten finished.

Get your knickers out of a wad, Quora lovers. I’m the failure here. Not Quora. You see, several weeks ago I was hearing more and more about Quora and started a blog post about it. I got a good bit of it written too. And then….well, I don’t really know what happened. I actually wrote my Twitter blog post after I started the Quora one so it wasn’t like I didn’t have the time to finish it. In the meantime, several more well-known, more tech-savvy bloggers wrote posts about Quora and how to use it and what it was good for.

And my little post sat waiting in draft form, forgotten. “I could have been great,” it thought, “I could have been out in front of something big.” But alas, it was not meant to be. And now my poor little post is relegated to being about me not following through on a good idea.

But as far as Quora is concerned, here are some posts (written since I started mine, by the way) that will help you better understand what all the hubbub is about:

Remarkablogger’s “What is Quora (and Why Should You Care?)”
Mashable’s video “How To: Ask and Answer Questions on Quora”
TechCrunch’s “Frequently Asked Questions about Quora”
Techie Buzz’s “What is Quora?” [I think me adding "heck" to my title gave it a little more of an edge, don't you?]

Now, just so you don’t think I am delusional and believe I was the first to think of writing a blog post on Quora, this one was actually written late last year, and will help you get started:
Top Tips for New Quora Users

So, back to me. The moral of the story is, of course, FINISH WHAT YOU START. I let good content at the perfect time go to waste. In Blogger World, that’s a failure of epic proportions.

Now what? How do you turn failure into something positive?

Well, like any good blogger, blog about it. Admitting your mistakes is therapeutic in a way. And it can help you relate to others and let them know they aren’t the only ones who screw up. (Because I know you all thought I was perfect before now.)

Next, find out what went wrong, then make adjustments. In this case, I think I just forgot about it. I had been busy with clients and hadn’t gone onto the back-end of my site in a while so I didn’t notice it in my drafts. The Twitter post was a knee jerk reaction to my increasing annoyance with deciding whether to follow back some of my followers. I had a bit of tunnel vision and didn’t pay any attention to my other posts when I logged in to write it.

How to keep it from happening again? In my case, it’s not like I don’t have the capability to keep better track of my content . Helping people stay organized is part of what I do. I just need to use those same systems, such as an editorial calendar, for myself on a more consistent basis.

Finally, don’t beat yourself up. Unfortunately, this won’t be the last mistake you make, as I am sure I will not follow through on a good idea many more times.  It’s the part of the Circle of Life Mufasa didn’t tell us about. Sometimes you don’t catch the zebra, but you don’t stop chasing them. Or something. You get the idea.

Sorry. Cheesy inspirational endings aren’t my strong suit. Just keep at it.

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