What Can I Do for You?

Pictured: A re-enactment of me being a Virtual Assistant

Being a Virtual Assistant is great (see photo). I work from home, make my own hours and don’t have to wear pantyhose if I don’t want to. However, it has its drawbacks. As I pointed out in two of my very first blog posts, “Virtual Assistant: A Day In The Life (Parts 1 and 2)”, a lot of people don’t know what the heck it is I do or can do.

So, I have started a series of tweets (posted to my Facebook page as well) to help alleviate this great problem. I am sure you will all find it very enlightening. I even have next week’s tweets already scheduled.

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4 Responses to “What Can I Do for You?”

  1. Norm says on :

    I don’t have to wear pantyhose either.

  2. Kris says on :

    It’s great, isn’t it?

  3. Ima B. Ammer says on :

    I hate wearing pantyhose…

  4. Kris says on :

    Blame your boy, Namath.