Virtual Assistant: A Day in the Life. Part 2

When we last left our intrepid Virtual Assistant, she was downloading and then uploading pictures. 600 pictures. Downloading. Uploading. Those of you with weak constitutions may want to leave the blog at this time. For those of you who dare to continue, be sure you have read Part 1.

So what will I do next? Help a little old computer illiterate lady use her All-Access Pass? Convert a .wmv to an .mp3 with one hand tied behind my back? Stop a 404 error dead in its tracks? Actually, I’m pretty hungry so I think I’ll eat.

Then it’s on to another special project. I need to research conference venues and catering for a workshop two of my clients will be giving in the summer…no wait… fall in NYC, DC and LA…no not LA. I need to create a spreadsheet for those including price comparisons, contact info and venue specs. Then upload it to Google Docs so we can all edit it if needed.

A few more emails have come in. A couple of customers can’t log in to the webinar. I check to make sure they actually paid for it then send them the access code. Another customer couldn’t get the coupon code to work in my client’s shopping cart so I fix the code and issue her a refund for the difference. And another customer doesn’t quite grasp the fact you have to register for the webinars in order to participate. I kindly explain to her how these things work and offer to manually register her this time. Praises abound. Mostly from my client who is just glad she doesn’t have to deal with this stuff anymore.

Ok, it’s now time to make up some shipping labels with my client’s logo and address on them. She has written a book and has sent me several copies to send to various people. So, now I am stuffing envelopes and heading to the post office. Field trip, kiddos! We get to learn how inefficient the Federal Postal Service is! Whoo hoo! If the USPS had a few VA’s, the term “going postal” would no longer be a bad thing.

My client’s webinar is over. I edit her website and blog to remove any references to today’s webinar. She will upload the recording of the webinar to our FTP client and I will download it, convert it to mp3 and mp4 formats and upload the conversions. Then I create a page on her site that includes these recordings.

Stop! Analytics time! I am working on a spreadsheet that will highlight the data from Google Analytics that is most important to my clients. I have found a few plug-ins for Excel that import the data but nothing really has exactly what I want. One of my clients rocks her page ranks for her keywords, but I have another who is just starting out. I, of course, will need to tailor the data that will be most useful for each of them.

Now it’s time for a little “me” time. And if you think “me” time consists of bon bons and bubble baths, think again.

I am a bit of a futzer (it’s a word…really. Or at least I just made it one) so I tinker with my website and blog. A lot. Tonight I am researching different plug-ins to display my testimonies. I like having the testimonies from my clients in the sidebar and I like how the plug-in I am using now rotates the testimonies and automatically pulls the same color scheme as my theme, however, the widget (it came with the plug-in)has weird spacing that annoys me.

I also take some time to read my twitter feed. Twitter is one of those things that completely overwhelmed me at first, but there is SO much good information out there for your business if you are following the right people. It can also be a powerful marketing tool, but right now I am just soaking in the information. Remember from part 1? I’m a geek. I like to learn.

Finally, I watch one of the classes for an online course I am taking in Internet Marketing. I am learning a lot and it is totally worth it, but it is also a little satisfying when I get to something and think “yeah… I already knew that.” (Because I like being a know-it-all almost as much as I like learning.)

I know this sort of makes it seem like I work 24/7 and while my hours are all over the place, I also make sure I take time to play with my kids, chat with friends and just relax. Even Kristina Leroux: Virtual Assistant! needs to recharge daily.

However, this didn’t come close to including everything I can do either. Hmm. I do love a good trilogy…


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