Top 5 Picks of the Week – September 17, 2010

In last week’s post I mentioned I wanted to start compiling interesting stories during the week that some of you may have missed. So without further ado and in no particular order…..

1. See Where Major Companies Lean Politically. Written by Austin Carr of Fast Company. Although the extent of my involvement in politics is watching reruns of West Wing, I found myself browsing the list of companies in the article and ended up checking out the complete list at GoodGuide to try to find patterns. If you’re liberal and want to stay away from right-wing companies, you may have trouble getting your fast food fix or renting a car.  Conversely, good luck, Republicans, finding anything entertaining to watch.

2. How Eminem Stayed Relevant (And Why it Can Save Your Blog). Sean Platt, posted on Copyblogger. I think I just broke some kind of girl law here by being female and mentioning Eminem in a blog post, but I thought this article was a refreshing look at how sometimes your writing sucks, but you can get over it and get better.

3. Want to thwart climate change? Paint roof white. By Sean O’Driscoll. Could something this simple really do so much?

4. 7 Ways for Nonprofits to Use Mobile Phones to Rake in Cash. Posted on NTEN and written by Ben Rigby. For my nonprofit friends who think they missed the bus on mobile giving, here’s your ticket.

5. Of Course Steve Jobs Was Detained For Carrying Ninja Stars. Alexia Tsotsis courtesy of TechCrunch. Now that my Droid has satisfied my iPhone envy, I don’t quite have the love/hate relationship I once had with Apple and Steve Jobs. But I still found this whole situation amusing. I see how it would be a bit annoying being detained for having a weapon you could possibly use to hijack your own plane, but you would think the dude who has such strict security policies would be a little more understanding. Instead he vowed never to return to Japan. Aren’t egomaniacs hilarious!

Thanks for reading and be sure to send me posts and articles for next week’s edition.

Have a great weekend!


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