Outsourcing Social Media – My Name is NOT Peggy.

Pictured: Not me

I recently read an article called “Avoid Making A Colossal Mistake: Keep Your Social Media In-House” that makes a lot of good points about why you shouldn’t let an outside party take over your social media campaign. The main argument was social media is all about creating relationships between customers and a brand, and outsourcing  that would be inauthentic and create a disconnect.

I wholeheartedly agree that social media is about relationships and that authenticity is key in building those relationships positively. And I also agree that a “rent-a-moderator” sounds like an awful idea. But what the author fails to realize is that I, and many others like me, exist.

If you hire the right virtual assistant, you aren’t simply “outsourcing” work, you are hiring another team member – one who will take the time to get the know the personality behind your work.

The idea in this day and age that a member of your organization needs to be in the same building is just plain old-fashioned. If you’re picturing Peggy up there when you think of a virtual assistant, you’ve got it all wrong. I’m not hidden away in some Siberian shack completely disconnected from your needs and wants.  I work with you. I get to know you. I become a part of your organization. I can handle customer service and yes, your social media.

So don’t think of Peggy when you think of outsourcing to a virtual assistance – think of a partner.

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