My Top 5 Gmail Related Tips

As most of my readers know, I love me some Google and especially Gmail. So here are the 5 tips I use most often:

1. If you’re like me, you have more than one Gmail account, but now Google will not let you open more than one at a time. Or so they think! If you use Chrome, just open an incognito window and you will be able to keep both accounts open at the same time. To open an incognito window, click on the wrench next to the address bar and you will see the “new incognito window” option. You can also open one account in Chrome and another in Firefox, etc.

2. Sick of having to cut and paste email addresses into your Gmail account? Want your Gmail account to be your default email program instead of Outlook, etc? Download Gmail notifier or, for Chrome users, add the Send from Gmail extension. Now, when you click on an email link, your Gmail account will open.

3. If you have other email addresses forwarded to your Gmail account and find that it’s taking too long for those forwarded emails to get to your Gmail inbox, go to your Mail Settings and then Accounts (or Accounts and Imports). Under “Get Mail from Other Accounts,” find the address you need and click “Check Mail Now.”

4. I often have to answer the same questions over and over again through email, or send the same email to a group of people with slight modifications. This can be quite time consuming – unless you have the Canned Responses lab enabled. This lab lets you save those responses you use again and again. So when composing an email, now all I have to do is click the “Canned responses” link and find the template I want to use. It can be easily edited to individualize the email and, if you want to get real fancy, you can coordinate it with your filters to create automated replies.

5. Have you ever sent an email and forgot to attach a file? It can be a little embarrassing. But with Gmail, if you type “I am attaching…” or “I have attached…” in the body of your email and hit send before you have added the attachment, Gmail will alert you. So get in the habit of using either of those phrases and you won’t have to send that “It would help if I actually attached the file…” email again.

So, Gmail users, what are you favorite tips to make the most of your Gmail Experience?

If you would like more ideas on using email, especially filters and labels, check out my previous blog post, 7 Ways to Clean Up Your Inbox.

Thanks for reading!

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One Response to “My Top 5 Gmail Related Tips”

  1. Kris says on :

    Bonus tip!! If you want to see just unread mail in your inbox type “label: inbox l:unread” in the search mail box.