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Howdy, strangers! I have recently come to a startling conclusion: I have not gotten a single client because of my Facebook page or LinkedIn profile. Nor have I gotten a single client due to a tweet or blog post. Not a one. All of my clients have come from either referrals and introductions from my other clients or from people I have met in person. And this conclusion has actually made me feel a lot better about myself.

Now, I am not deleting my social media accounts, nor am I going to stop blogging. Am I telling you to delete your social media accounts and stop blogging? Absolutely not! We need to have those tools because they are great marketing channels, excellent sources of information, and also, they are just plain expected these days. But I am also no longer stressing out or feeling like a failure when I don’t update these channels because I have now realized this is not how I meet my clients.

My business is thriving even though I haven’t written a blog post in a few months and haven’t been tweeting regularly.

Granted, I have the luxury of working with a great community who collaborate frequently. You are constantly running into the same folks so there is ample opportunity for people to recognize how awesome you are. And I also can’t neglect the fact my last name is pretty well regarded in this community thanks to my awesome sister and biggest client.  But my point is I have found that I don’t need to tweet 4 times a day or update my Facebook page everyday because that’s not where I initially meet the clients I want to work with.

And the point of this post is to get you to ask yourself that question – Where do you meet the people you want for your customers, clients or supporters? You need to answer that question then prioritize your marketing channels. If you are spending all of your time on social media, but people are finding you from other sources, focus on those sources and use social media as a supplement. If you are spending tons of money on direct mail when all of your audience is online, focus on social media.

Could I get more clients if I had a more structured social media marketing plan? Probably. But I like to help people who help people help people (get all that?) and I am doing just fine finding those clients right now. When that changes, I’ll change my approach. If you can get more supporters from an awesome social media marketing plan, then go for it. I can even help you out with it. But you need to realize there is no secret formula. You have to find out what works best for you or your organization, then adjust as time goes on.

I have found my best marketing tool is doing a great job for my current clients, so that other stuff can take a back seat…for now, anyway!

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