Internet Marketing and Google’s Backgrounds

So, yesterday, I was none too pleased to pull up Google and have some obnoxious picture in the background. I actually did a double-take to see if gremlins hadn’t snuck on my computer the night before and replaced my Google bookmark with Bing.

I like simple and clean when it comes to my search engines. I don’t want a photograph of some far away place or some geometric pattern no matter how cool it looks. Just give me those 6 little colorful letters and find me what I am looking for! (I do like the changes they make for special occasions, although I spent entirely too much time playing Pac-Man that one time…I digress)

Needless to say I was searching the net (using my Google Chrome address bar) to find a way to revert it back to the old Google. I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like the change it seems. I read they were going to switch back the next day and this was just a preview, but I didn’t care. I wanted it gone. Now. I had found switching to Google SSL did the trick. I was about to tweet this when all of a sudden, regular Google was back. Yay!

I started thinking about this after they switched back. Why did Google do this to begin with? I am sure there are several reasons people smarter than me can give you. But for me, one reason would be “why not?” This is the beauty of internet marketing…if something isn’t working, it can be changed – quickly and easily. (I’m not saying Google has scrapped this whole plan. Chances are it hasn’t, but that’s not the point here)

My question is, why shouldn’t we apply this “Why Not?” attitude to our internet marketing as well. I know Google is a giant, but I think this principal can hold true for us smaller businesses too. Have an idea about the look or design of your website? Try it! Have a new way to pitch your product or service? Try it! Think a new social media tool might be your ticket to the big time? Try it! If it doesn’t work, change it back.

I’m not suggesting you go off on some cockamamie trend spree where you are changing everything all the time because you read it on some blog. But if you have an idea that just won’t leave you alone (you know the ones – they usually come to you at some inconvenient moment like while you’re in the shower or as you’re trying to fall asleep) do it. Don’t be afraid to fall flat on your face, then stand back up and say “OK well that didn’t work. What’s next?” (Plus, it makes for great blog posts!)


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