How to Export Your Delicious Bookmarks and Alternatives to Delicious

[UPDATE] Apparently, Yahoo is just looking to sell Delicious not completely shut it down, but I think it’s still a good idea to export your bookmarks and have them saved. I also think, after using Diigo, that I may just stick with that. Yes, I’m that kind of girl.

I was a little miffed when I heard Delicious would be no more, but business is business. It’s not like Google said they were shutting down Gmail apps or anything (shudder). The good news is, it is very easy to export your bookmarks from Delicious to another site.

To Export:

  1. Go to “Settings” in the upper right hand corner
  2. Click “Export/Backup Bookmarks” from the list
  3. Make sure the boxes “include my tags” and “include my notes” are checked
  4. Click “Export” and save the file.

The first alternative I have tried is Diigo. It’s your basic set-up: username and password and email. They have a lot more features than Delicious did, so I am excited about trying this out. Plus, I got to use a QR code to get the app for my Droid (called Power Note) and y’all know what a geek I am about that kind of stuff. Diigo lets you highlight and make sticky notes to webpages (which I think is awesome), add your bookmarks to your blog, make notes, save images and more.

As soon as I verified my account, I was redirected to this page:

So, clearly they are making the most of the situation. They also gave instructions on how to export your bookmarks from Delicious and made importing easy. After I imported them, I got this:

Yes, I bet you are getting a huge number of import requests, Mr. Diigo. I installed the Chrome extension even though the toolbars for other browsers apparently have more features. Getting the extension was easy – all you do is drag the button to your bookmark bar. This is what I see when I click the “Diigolet” bookmark:

I can highlight important text or add a sticky note to the page. The next time I visit that page and click on “Diigolet” the highlighting and sticky notes show up. This is great for when I have no idea why I bookmarked something. You can also share the sticky notes with your network so they can see why you bookmarked it. Or you can make them private. Here’s what they look like on a page – that little note with the thumbtack (it opens when you hover over it):

Next comes Mister Wong. You can set up your account using your facebook account. Just click “allow” when asked about permission. Then you are asked to create a username and give your email address. At this point I was directed to add their toolbar, which I am not sure I want to do at this point so I click “install later.” Then I am directed to my profile to add information about myself. Like, a lot of information. I am unable to look at anything else on the site until I enter this information. So already I am not really digging Mister Wong. {Insert your own pun here}

Evernote requires a download and I have deadlines looming so I won’t be looking into that today. It’s huge among the Mac cult, uhh, I mean world though and also looks really cool. If anyone uses it, feel free to let us know what you think in the comment sections.

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