How to Create the Perfect Twitter Account

Pictured: Nothing to do with Twitter, but a Duck's worst nightmare.

Yeah, I’m reaching for the stars with this one – the PERFECT Twitter Account. What does that even mean – the Perfect Twitter Account? Well, I will be taking you on a journey to a place where people post great original content, retweet others’ interesting content and engage in conversation.  Add a little humor and this is what I think of as the Perfect Twitter Account – one that when I look at it, I think, “Yeah. I wanna follow that person.”

First of all, I want to make it perfectly clear that this will not be about how to get more followers. I am big on quality over quantity. Having people who follow you who don’t care a thing about what you have to say will not help your cause or business. It just helps your ego. However, I think if you find the right balance of originality, personality, information and connection, you will end up with the followers you want following you – people who can help you and people you can help. So try to put all three of these components in the mix:

1. Show Me Who You Are. If I see a Twitter account with a stream consisting entirely of retweets or worse – quotes from famous people – I have no desire to follow you. I don’t even know who “you” are. I can get that information elsewhere and my Twitter stream is already flooded. I don’t need you adding to the mix what someone else tweeted or that Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” (however true that may be).

2. Show Me You Pay Attention. If you come across as a self-absorbed jerk only posting stuff you write or think of, I am probably going to pass unless you are a news-type organization or famous and entertaining. I am assuming since you are reading my blog, you are not famous. So, help me out. Maybe I didn’t see that tweet or article about the latest study on social media, so retweet it or post the link.

3. Show Me You Listen. It amazes me when I ask my clients how they handle responding to mentions on Twitter and they cock their heads and look at me like “Whaaa?” Well, we are normally on the phone when I have these conversations so I’m not sure how they are looking at me, but that is how I picture them in my head when my question is answered with silence. A lot of people are just tweet, tweet, tweeting away without paying any attention to anyone else on Twitter. Twitter is a SOCIAL networking site. Be social. Talk to people. Answer them. Thank them.

Remember, it’s a balance of these three things. Too much conversation and we feel left out. Too much retweeting and we lose who you are. Too much self-promotion, and we feel used.

But if you can incorporate all three of these, you may just achieve the Perfect Twitter Account.

Thanks for reading!

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  2. Melinda McKee says on :

    Well in that case, my genuine thanks for following me back! :)

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    And thank you for following me, as well! Look forward to tweeting with you!