Email: 3 Ways to Make a Better First Impression

This weekend I was creating an Excel spreadsheet to make a registration list for a client. Nothing fancy. I just had to pull the names and email addresses from her inbox. But, in going through these emails, I found some seemed more polished – more professional – than others.

More times than not, an email is the first point of contact with a potential client or donor. In other words, it’s your first impression. So here are a few fairly simple things you can do to make that impression count.

1) From Field: Don’t make people play “guess who?” with their inboxes. Make sure your first and last name or the name of your organization shows in the “From” field. Do not use just your email address. Inboxes fill up quickly these days and you may get deleted if your email isn’t recognized.

To change your settings in Gmail: Go to settings >>>Accounts and Imports>>>Send Mail As > Edit info

For other email clients, check out this article.

2) Email Signature: An email signature is a great tool to give people more information about you or your organization. For starters, include your name, title, company, tag line, and website address. You can also include your social media info or logo as well.

Be sure to use a simple font as opposed to a script though. I will let you in on a little secret….we know that really isn’t your actual handwritten signature in your email, so do us a favor and just make your name easy to read. Thanks.

If you use Gmail, Google just launched a rich text editor for their signatures so you can change the font or add an image or link. Also, WiseStamp easily adds social media buttons to your Gmail signature through an add-in for your browser. It can be a little buggy sometimes so pay attention to it, but it’s still a fairly good app.

3) Domain Name: If you own your domain name – USE IT. I came across several email addresses that were or That can send the wrong message about your organization. Anyone can set up a Gmail or Yahoo account, so people may not think you’re legit if you don’t have a proper email address.

You can get your own email ( through Google Apps Standard Edition (for FREE) if you own your domain name (you can actually purchase the domain names through Google as well). And you can add up to 50 other emails using that domain (for FREE) so all of your employees or volunteers can have their very own email address. It’s more professional and helps show you aren’t some fly-by-night organization (Did I mention it’s FREE?). It could take a little bit of work to set up depending on your host, but …hello? FREE! Call me. I can help you through the process.

Got your own tips for making a better first impression through email? Let me know!


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