Dropbox > Google Docs

You all know of my decadent love affair with Google products despite their attempt to take over the world (or maybe it’s because of their attempt to take over the world – hmmmm). But I have to say that as far as sharing files online, Dropbox wins hands down.

With Google Docs, you upload your file and it is converted to a Google Doc. You aren’t actually creating an Excel file when you create a new file in Google Docs. You are creating a file that is compatible with Excel.  And if you use more complicated formulas in your spreadsheets, forget it. Google can’t handle it. Formatting in even simple Word Docs can get wonky. Or if you make any changes to the file using Word or Excel on your computer, you have to re-upload the latest version to Google Docs. What a pain.

Now, with Dropbox, you are actually sharing the file that is on your computer whether it be in Word, Excel or a PDF. If you edit the file on your computer, your Dropbox version is edited as well. Plus you can actually share any file type – movies, music, pictures, etc – so it’s so much more practical.

Got some great vacation pictures you wanna share with some friends, but don’t wanna upload them to Facebook for all the world to see? Are there too many to email? Create a “Vacation Pics” folder and dump it in your Dropbox folder. Then, share that folder with those people. They can add their pics to it as well and now they are all in one place.

Didn’t quite grasp the concept of sharing back in Kindergarten? Dropbox is also a great tool for accessing your important files on all of your computers. Always forgetting your USB drive? Have a laptop, desktop and work computer you use? Just install Dropbox on all those devices and save your files to your Dropbox folder. And there is a Dropbox app for most major smartphones.

Too cheap to buy an external hardrive? Use Dropbox as a back-up device too.

How does it work?

You create an account with Dropbox (that is my invite link by the way- I get more space for referrals. If you don’t wanna use my invite, just click on the Dropbox link at the beginning of the post) and download the service. It’s free up to a certain storage size – then you can pay for extra space. A Dropbox folder is created and added to your computer’s hard drive. Any file that is put in that folder is also available online in your Dropbox account.

For some reason I prefer to upload everything through my online account as opposed to copying it to my folder – but I don’t think it really matters. Online, you are given the option to create and share folders and files with others. Once your files are uploaded or copied to that folder, everything created, edited or saved in that folder is now synched and available on both your computer and online. When someone else adds to a folder I share with them, I get a little pop-up telling me a change has been made or a new file has been added.

I have shared folders with clients, family and friends and have found it’s the most convenient way to share files. Sorry, Google. I am gonna be stepping out on you for my file sharing needs. It’s not you – it’s me. No, wait…it’s totally you. See ya!

Do any of you love Dropbox too or do you have a good reason for sticking with Google Docs? Tell me about it below!

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