Droid X: A Review for the Rest of Us.

droid x

Taken with my BB...its final act of service.

OK, as many of you know, I got the Droid X a few weeks ago. It was an impulse purchase really, which isn’t like me. I usually make spreadsheets and tables and graphs charting pros and cons and specs and comparisons of major purchases.

Basically all it took to get me to buy the Droid X was a text from Verizon telling me I was eligible for an early upgrade on a particularly bad day (I had to pull the battery from my Blackberry Storm to reset it several times). Boom! Next thing I knew I was on the phone with Verizon ordering the phone.

The fact that my older sister had literally just mentioned the fact she had to wait a few more weeks before she could upgrade had nothing do with it at all. No matter what you say, I had no desire to get the Droid before her and rub it in her face – nope, not at all how it happened.

Anyway, so I have had the phone a couple of weeks and thought I would write up a quick review of what I think so far. However, don’t expect lots of specs and techy talk with this review. I am not a phone expert by any means, so expect comments like, “I don’t know what causes that, but I like it!” This will probably be one of the least researched blog posts I do (in fact I didn’t research at all, as you will see), but I wanted it to be that way – a review by an average person who uses the phone for normal everyday things. Numbers and specs are impressive, but I would rather know if the TI OMAP 3630 processor works – not its name (OK, I did research that). If you’re looking for more in depth reviews, I have some bookmarked on my delicious page.

My previous phone was the Blackberry Storm so a lot of this will be comparing the Droid to the Storm (which will make those of you who had Storms laugh).

What I like:

Hitting the Big Screen: The sucker is HUGE! This makes for reading emails and websites a lot easier. Those with big fingers will appreciate this as well, although I find it a little harder to type when in the horizontal view. I now have to type the letter “T” with my left thumb instead of my right. Also, the touch screen is so much nicer than the Blackberry’s click screen, although I do tend to randomly text or purse-dial folks more with the Droid. But that’s my fault for not locking the screen.

Surfing the net: The browser on the Droid is sooo much faster than the BB’s. It also seems to better fit websites on the screen cutting down on the horizontal scrolling I had to do with the BB no matter which way I held the phone. I’m not sure if this is due to the size of the screen or if it just formats sites better (See? No research!).

You’ve Got Mail: I pretty much run my business off of Google apps, so having a Google phone is nice. Gmail on the Droid allows me access to individual labels, and I can view HTML and attachments whereas the Gmail app on the BB was pretty worthless. You can add as many Gmail accounts as you’d like, but make sure the first one you add is your primary account as other applications such as the calendar and Google Talk only sync with the first account you add. You can add non-Gmail email accounts easily as well.

Can You Hear Me Now?: The voice quality is a lot better on the Droid. Or at least that’s what people who call me have said.

Say Cheese: The camera is pretty good for a phone camera especially for outdoor pics. It also has a special effects feature which allows you to shoot in black and white or sepia. Other effects include solarized and negative. However, it sometimes takes a while to actually take the picture and if you have kids like mine, you only have a few seconds to take the picture before they are off to the next thing. Also, the new iphone as well as the HTC Evo have the Droid X beat here with the addition of a front facing camera.

There’s an App for That: The BB can’t compare at all as far as apps go and the Droid app market is giving the iphone a run for its money considering the Droid hasn’t been around as long.

What I don’t like:

There’s an App for That: It seems like some things should just be included on the phone that aren’t. For instance, you have little control over your notifications. On the BB you could create custom profiles so you wouldn’t get pinged when you got an email, but would when you got a text. On the Droid, your notifications are either on or off unless you find an app that customizes it for you. Apps can be really useful or really bad and you can waste a lot of time trying them out until you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Flip you. Flip ya for real: (And if you got that reference without Googling it, you get a gold star) You can only view the Droid one way horizontally. I have left-handed tendencies that make me want to flip it the wrong way initially. It annoys me.

Have it Your Way: Or not, in the case of the Droid and your Google accounts. My business email (powered by Google) is my primary account. This is fine since I also use that account’s Google Calendar as well. However, when I use Google Talk, I use my personal Gmail account. On the Droid, you can’t change that (nor can you change calendars). So I have had to add ebuddy (an app) so I can chat – which is okay because it also accesses my Facebook chat.

So to sum up, I really like the Droid X. It has yet to lock up on me nor have I had to pull the battery. It can take a while to get it set up like you want as it comes with several pre-installed widgets that you may or may not need. Getting rid of them is simple though. I find the Droid very responsive and fairly cool looking and most importantly, it works well for what I need it to do.  If you want to stick with Verizon, but want a phone comparable to the iphone, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Droid owners: What is your opinion of the phone? What are your favorite apps? Leave a comment and let me know!

Have a topic you would like me to blog about? Recommendations? Think this post was great or awful or just so-so? Let me know in the comments section!

9 Responses to “Droid X: A Review for the Rest of Us.”

  1. Jeremy says on :

    This phone is for geeks. The iPhone is not. That’s the biggest difference. The whole “there’s an app for that” section can be solved by spending countless hours in android forums and websites, learning what makes this OS tick. Once you learn that, the sky is the limit. There is very little that cannot be customized and tailored to your needs, with or without an app. You want simple, go back to AT&T and get an iPhone, or stick with the limitations of Blackberry. You want awesomeness, stick it out with the Droid X and learn to love the complicated lifestyle that is being an Android user. In turn, you will be rewarded with a phone that simplifies almost every process. Want a camera that will take pictures faster? That’s out there. Want to have different applications respond to different Google accounts? Yeah, you can do that, too. Want to make your wallpaper the life-center of your daily activities? That’s easy.

  2. Kris says on :

    “You want awesomeness, stick it out with the Droid X and learn to love the complicated lifestyle that is being an Android user.” LOVE this!

    I know I will get over the apps issue as I have no problem researching and spending “countless hours” on forums, but I know others won’t want to do that so I included that bit. Like I said on Facebook, I no longer have iphone envy now that I have my Droid.

  3. Tommy Fields says on :

    From what I hear, Verizon folk will be getting the iPhone around the first of the year. Should make things interesting…;-)

  4. Jay G. says on :

    Man, the “iPhone will be on xxxx network next week/month/year” is the oldest myth in the book. Been hearing that since early 2009.

    I love the iPhone. I hate AT&T.

    My next phone will be a Droid with Verizon. I may opt for the cheap one … even though the bloggist seems to believe a X version would be lovely.

  5. robin h says on :

    My co-worker, who bought his Motorola Droid a couple of weeks before me, just got upgraded to 2.2, and I believe he said it flips both ways, so…there you go!

  6. Ed Cabellon says on :

    Hi Kristina, I always enjoy reading other bloggers reviews of the Droid X, as I have one as well. I agree with everything you liked. In response to everything you didn’t:

    1. The notifications piece is really easy. In each application, you can customize the type of notification, led notification, and sound as well!
    2. Agreed on the flip thing.. that is annoying.
    3. Thanks for the ebuddy app recommendation, I will give that a whirl!

    I also wrote a Droid X review on my blog, I’d love your feedback!


    Thanks so much!


  7. Kris says on :

    Thanks for reading everyone! I had heard that signs pointed to Verizon getting the iphone in January…I also heard they would get it last summer though too.

    @edcabellon, I actually already read your review! You posted it the day after I ordered mine.

    Has anyone signed up for LiveProfile? It’s supposedly like bbm but can be used on the Droid, iphone and Blackberry. It’s still in beta, but they have been sending out invitations. http://www.liveprofile.com/#

  8. Barry says on :

    Hey…do you still talk to Jay G. tate some? Is that his post above? There is a reason for this off the wall question…

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