Don’t Protect Your Tweets

I have had two separate conversations about protecting tweets with two separate people this past week. And since my blogging schedule has been sporadic at best, I figured I would use what I could.

First off, I will tell you what I told them – I don’t think people who protect their tweets really get what Twitter is all about.

As many have said before, Twitter is like a giant cocktail party. You have different groups of people having conversations about different things. You may be talking to friends when you overhear another conversation that interests you. You decide to chime in and the discussion continues. Afterwards, you may never talk to those people again. But then again, you may become life-long friends or start doing business with them.

The point is a conversation happened.  Thoughts and ideas were exchanged. Connections, however brief, were made. And that’s what I think Twitter is all about.

Think about the following type of people you encounter at almost every party:

  • The Host – Great at bringing the right people together to have the best conversations.
  • The Gossip Hound – Always has the latest news and gossip and isn’t afraid to spread it.
  • The Social Butterfly – Flutters around between conversations easily.
  • The Networking Guy – Always talking about business and is trying to make that one big connection.
  • The Geek – Talks about the latest tech trends and no one really understands what he’s saying half the time.
  • The Politico – Gets fired up about the mere mention of the opposite political party.
  • The Drunk – Interjects completely random thoughts into a discussion.
  • The Wallflower – Stays on the sidelines and doesn’t really contribute to the party.
  • The Snob – Only considers their clique worthy of conversation and looks disapprovingly at you if you try to join in.

I’m sure you can find every one of those types on your Twitter feed. Where do you fit in best? What kind of partier are you? Well if you’re protecting your tweets, you’re basically a wallflower or a snob. You aren’t really contributing to the conversation as a whole, and you should honestly just stick with Facebook where your friends are.

Also, from a business point of view, that’s just bad marketing. One of my clients has me follow back people who engage her on Twitter in some way. But before I hit that “follow” button, I check out their profile and read their tweets to make sure they aren’t of an unsavory nature. Well what if they have their tweets protected and I can’t see them? They don’t get followed. It’s as simple as that, and a lot of people employ this same policy. You’re losing followers and connections.

Another reason and perhaps the most important reason a business should not protect their tweets – people who do follow you can’t retweet you. Add the number of your followers to the number of all of their followers to the number of their followers and so forth – that’s the audience your losing.

So if you are protecting your tweets, you should probably step back and take a look at why you are on Twitter in the first place. Why bother?

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