Back to School – uhhh, Work. (or Excuses, Excuses)

How was your summer? Mine was pretty darned good, but I learned something about me and blogging. Despite having trouble keeping a consistent blogging schedule in general, things get really bad in the summer. Most times of the year, I at least think, “Oh. I need to write a blog post soon,” even if I don’t actually write that post. During the summer, I honestly didn’t even think about it.

I am sure most of it has to do with my kids being home with me a good bit. I also didn’t establish enough of a schedule. I did work a lot more for my clients too. Netflix added Battlestar Galactica to their instant viewing list.  I had to plan birthday parties. I took a few long weekends. I got called to sub in a tennis league. The dog ate my password…

Excuses, excuses, I know.

But summer is over now, and it’s actually only 63 degrees here which is pretty darned fall-like (did I just use “pretty darned” twice in the same post? Be patient. I’m rusty). Anyway, it’s time for me to get back on it.

I will probably stick with basic “how-to” posts – those seem to be the most popular. And, as always, I am open to any suggestions from you.

I won’t make any promises this time as to how often I write, but it will be more than every couple of months.

Although, soccer season is starting this week and I am (hold your laughter) helping coach my daughter’s team. Plus, I have a tennis tournament this month. I will have to help my kids with their homework too.  Oh, and college football has begun.  I have a big project for a client coming up. I need to clean my kitchen…balance my checkbook…clean out my inbox…..No, really, the dog did eat my password!

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2 Responses to “Back to School – uhhh, Work. (or Excuses, Excuses)”

  1. J. Woo says on :

    A darned entertaining read.

  2. Kris says on :

    Thank you!